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EaseUS MacCleaning Pro (for Mac)

MacCleaning is available in two models: free and paid. The free version lets you clean your Mac and monitor disk space in real time; the premium paid version adds the ability for users to eject all mounted drives with a single click, set customizable space value alarms, and get high priority email support.

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CleanGenius Looks Like CCleaner For Mac OS X

On Windows, CCleaner is the go-to program when it comes to keeping your PC's hard drive spotless, as well as uninstalling programs without having to go through operating system's sluggish interface. CleanGenius, with is slick UI and bevy of options, looks like a contender for an equivalent app for Mac.

Mac cleaner review

Simple Solution for Deleting Junk Files

How many times did you have to search for useless files on your Mac to delete in order to save space? Or wanted to remove all the the user cache files at once? MacCleaning is a lightweight application that will allow you to do all these things from the menu bar.

There are various applications out there that allow you to remove unneeded files. Why would you install yet another one on your hard drive? Well, MacCleaning gives you the following reasons: it's small (occupies less than 1 Mb on your disk), it's easy to use (it can be accessed from your Mac's menu bar) and it allows you to quickly see your hard drive's free space at a glance.

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The review of CleanGenius from Informer

CleanGenius is a very complete set of system maintenance tools. It also comes with system analysis features that can help you figure out why your Mac is running slow and potentially fix that problem. The first utility that you will see when you launch CleanGenius is its Fast Clean scan. It can check your Mac for files that you probably don't need and can delete to recover hard drive space.

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Video review of CleanGenius

CleanGenius 3.0 Vidro       CleanGenius 3.0 Video

 CleanGenius 3.0 Review                                     CleanGenius 3.0 Review by

Customer Stories

"CleanGenius is one of the must-have utilities for Mac users. It offers one-click disk clean and keeps track of the space available on your drives, informs you immediately if the volume is out of space. This is great!!!"

By Jim Donner

"I was skeptical about using this software as I've always been told to never "clean" a Mac. But I decided to give it a try and was very pleased with the results. It works as advertised. I recommend that everyone with a Mac use this to clean the HD..."

By Karen Rosenthal


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