EaseUS CleanGenius Reviews and Testimonials

lifehacker review

CleanGenius Looks Like CCleaner For Mac OS X

On Windows, CCleaner is the go-to program when it comes to keeping your PC's hard drive spotless, as well as uninstalling programs without having to go through operating system's sluggish interface. CleanGenius, with is slick UI and bevy of options, looks like a contender for an equivalent app for Mac. Read More>>

appstorm review

Keep Your Mac Tidy and Fast with CleanGenius

CleanGenius has two versions in the App Store. One of them is the free one and the other one is the paid one, although there doesn't seem to be much difference between the two. Right now, the paid one claims to have a few more features, but they seem to be smaller customization features that you probably won't miss in the free version. Read More>>

Mac informer review

The review of CleanGenius from Informer

CleanGenius is a very complete set of system maintenance tools. It also comes with system analysis features that can help you figure out why your Mac is running slow and potentially fix that problem. The first utility that you will see when you launch CleanGenius is its Fast Clean scan. It can check your Mac for files that you probably don't need and can delete to recover hard drive space.
Read More>>

appstorm review

CleanGenius Pro

CleanGenius Pro is an all in one maintenance application for your Mac. CleanGenius Pro is nothing new to us at HotMacApps, we have been using it on and off over the past few months on our own machines. Basically it's an application which allows you to free up space on your hard drive, but also free up your memory usage. You can also monitor which applications launch when you login, there might of been some you had forgotten about or don't need to clog you up at the start. Read More>>

Downloadcrew review

The review of CleanGenius Free 2.0 from Downloadcrew

CleanGenius Free - the new name for MacCleaning Free - aims to simplify certain aspects of keeping your Mac's hard drive lean and mean. Once installed, it'll sit in the menu bar displaying a bar chart indicating the amount of space taken up on all your attached hard drives. Click this and a more detailed breakdown of your drives is displayed, along with three options. Read More>>

Softwarecrew review

EaseUS rebrands MacCleaning as CleanGenius 2.0, adds application uninstaller and revamped interface

MacCleaning was launched with three core tools: the ability to automatically clean system and user logs and caches (plus Downloads and the Trash) with a single click, a quick-and-easy drive monitor and buttons for unmounting drives with a single click, plus a low disk space alarm, which alerts the user when the drive is 90 per cent full. Read more>>

RAW Computer review

Boost disk space, cut the clutter with CleanGenius 3.0 for Mac

CleanGenius 3 from EaseUS is a cleanup tool that is designed to remove the clutter from the hard disk drive. There are lots of files on the disk that are not essential, such as the Trash, logs, and various caches. Select Fast Clean in the toolbar and you can scan the system and see a report showing how much disk space these are occupying. Select each of the items in the left panel and you can view the individual files in each category. There are tick boxes next to each item and you can select the items to clean. If you're not sure about something you can open a Finder window and view the file. Read More>>

Download3k review

EaseUS CleanGenius 4.0

EaseUS CleanGenius is a robust computer maintenance solution that is designed to keep your Mac operating smoothly and efficiently. With a plethora of features that facilitate scanning, cleaning, and optimization, this software is a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their Mac's performance. Read More>>

Mac cleaner review

EaseUS MacCleaning Pro (for Mac)

MacCleaning is available in two models: free and paid. The free version lets you clean your Mac and monitor disk space in real time; the premium paid version adds the ability for users to eject all mounted drives with a single click, set customizable space value alarms, and get high priority email support. Read More>>

Mac cleaner review

Simple Solution for Deleting Junk Files

How many times did you have to search for useless files on your Mac to delete in order to save space? Or wanted to remove all the the user cache files at once? MacCleaning is a lightweight application that will allow you to do all these things from the menu bar.

There are various applications out there that allow you to remove unneeded files. Why would you install yet another one on your hard drive? Well, MacCleaning gives you the following reasons: it's small (occupies less than 1 Mb on your disk), it's easy to use (it can be accessed from your Mac's menu bar) and it allows you to quickly see your hard drive's free space at a glance. Read More>>

informer review

The review of EaseUS CleanGenius from mac.informer.com

CleanGenius Pro is a system maintenance tool for your Mac. The utility can assist you in deleting unwanted files that might be both taking up necessary space and slowing down your Mac, and you can also uninstall applications and monitor your connected drives. Read More>>

pcauthority review

EaseUS dips its toes into the Mac market with MacCleaning Free

The application, which is configured to start with your Mac, will sit unobtrusively in the menu bar, showing a bar chart revealing the overall free space on your drive. Should this dip below 10 per cent, an alarm will be sounded. Read More>>

club geeks review

MacCleaning: Free Disk Cleaner for Mac OS X

MacCleaning is a free and all-in-one Mac menu bar utility combined with disk space monitor and drive ejection. It cleans junk files by one-click and shows your disk space available. Read More>>

betanews review

EaseUS brings cleaning software to Macs

MacCleaning Free 1.0.0 is a drive monitoring and cleanup tool for OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later. Not only does it give you a quick overview of your drives' free space from the menu bar, but it also provides a "fast clean" option for clearing out certain parts of your hard drive. Read More>>

CleanGenius review

MacCleaning: Free Disk Cleaner for Mac OS X from EaseUS

MacCleaning is a freeware, all-in-one Mac OS based menu bar utility which lets you clean junk files and features disk space monitor and drive ejection. The disk space monitor lets you monitor the amount of disk space being used and left. Read More>>

betanews review

The review of MacCleaning from SoftwareCrew

Clicking the menu bar icon reveals individual charts for each drive or partition connected to your Mac. Removable drives also have an eject button, allowing them to be quickly and safely unmounted from your computer. Read more>>

CleanGenius review

Speed Up Your Mac Computer

You can speed up your Mac computer by performing simple maintenance. Unfortunately, there isn't a fast and effecient way to do this natively in OS X. MacCleaning Free is a great all-in-one Mac cleanup utility that also combines a disk space monitor and disk ejector. It cleans junk files with one-click and is the easiest way we've found to keep your Mac clean and running smoothly with the performance you expect. Read More>>

CleanGenius review

EaseUS MacCleaning Pro Review

MacCleaning is an excellent drive monitoring tool and cleanup tool for MAC OS (X 10.6 or later). It is an all-in-one based menu bar utility which lets you clean junk files and features disk space monitor and drive ejection. Read More>>

CleanGenius review

Clean Your Mac And Monitor Disk Space Using EaseUS MacCleaning

EaseUS released a new Mac utility with many new features for your Mac OS. A free and all-in-one Mac menu bar utility MacCleaning, removes Mac unwanted documents, displays space available on disk, warn when the disk space is running low with disk space monitoring and drive ejection making your Mac quicker. Read More>>

CleanGenius review

MacCleaning – Free One-Click Junk File Cleaner for Mac

MacCleaning is not just a FREE junk file cleaner. There are other several options that make it a must have for every Mac user. The disk space monitor lets you monitor the amount of disk space being used and left. Read More>>

CleanGenius review

MacCleaning to keep your Mac clean and running smoothly

MacCleaning is a free and all-in-one Mac menu bar utility combined with disk space monitor and drive ejection. It cleans junk files by one-click and shows your disk space available. It offers an easiest way to keep your Mac clean and healthy, let the Mac running smoothly and faster. Read More>>

CleanGenius review

MacCleaning Pro Utility Monitors Drive Free Space, Cleans Up System Junk, Quickly Accesses And Unmounts Volumes

MacCleaning Pro is a powerful and handy menubar utility for monitoring drive free space, cleaning up system junk, and quickly accessing and unmounting volumes, making Mac system run faster and perform better. Read More>>

CleanGenius review

The review of MacCleaning from softspecialist.com

This little program simply called MacCleaning will live in the background monitoring the free space available in real time. When the free space reached a critical low level, it will shout at you "it's cleaning time!". Just press a button and get the hard drive back for your new applications, movies or photos. No dirty hands, no hassle, no worries. Read More>>

CleanGenius review

Delete System Cache, Uninstall App Completely & Perform A Deep Search For Junk Files To Get Free Space In Mac

EaseUS CleanGenius offers a deep cleaning in very simple steps that anyone can accomplish. When you open it for the first time, you will see how much you have free space on your hard disk drive and the application displays an indication of how much space was recovered from the cleaning. This number, of course, will be zero in this first time. There are several tabs in the side menu, each corresponding to a file type that the application can clean. Read More>>

Video review of CleanGenius

CleanGenius 3.0 Vidro      CleanGenius 3.0 Video      CleanGenius 2.1 Video

 CleanGenius 3.0 Review                                     CleanGenius 3.0 Review by macupdate.com               CleanGenius 2.1 Review by macupdate.com

Customer Stories

Your feedback is what makes our application better, so we would love to see your suggestions for our product and for new features! Email us at support@easemac.com

"First, I see that some of the reviews indicate that the results were less than expected… that said I can only say IMHO that they must have been doing somethng wrong. The reason that I say this is because I have been using EaseUS products for the last two years and they all have performed as stated w/o any issues. And this now goes for the new "CleanGenius Pro", which I installed last week, and it has performed as expected and "cleaned" my iMac HD of all the "junk" that is not removed otherwise. I highly recommend this App for all Mac and PCs."

By drbarney2

"CleanGenius is one of the must-have utilities for Mac users. It offers one-click disk clean and keeps track of the space available on your drives, informs you immediately if the volume is out of space. This is great!!!"

By Jim Donner

"CleanGenius helps to clean your harddisk in very friendly user interface. We can see the details and choose which one we want to delete and we don't. Also one of the key benefit is it's Uninstall Applications feature, which is a rare thing to find. And the size is also very little.

On the other hand I think the interface and feature is still too simple and should have many more improvement."

By [ARX-7]

"I was skeptical about using this software as I've always been told to never "clean" a Mac. But I decided to give it a try and was very pleased with the results. It works as advertised. I recommend that everyone with a Mac use this to clean the HD..."

By Karen Rosenthal

"I love this app because it allows me to easily uninstall applications I decide I don't want without having to find the application's icon and put it in the trash along with it's data folders if it has them. Also it allows me to delete unneccessary files that I don't need so I can use my Hard Drive at it's full potential! Great App, higly reccomend it! "

By thebulder

"Ever feel like your Mac is slowing down? Recently uninstalled an App. or Program? Searches still showing Apps. or Programs that you have uninstalled/deleted? This App. has never let me down. Now when I wish to uninstall or delete an App. or Program I can use this Apps. built in functions and quickly and easily have that software removed. I can easily scan and manage my external harddrives and thumb drives (a.k.a. flash drives) also not just my Mac! This App. allows you to run the cleaner every time the Mac is started to keep your Mac at it's top status! This App. also scans my Mac and Drives almost instantly, leaving me easy to view information about each drive. I can easily select what I want to remove and it will remember what I chose for next time (still allows me to change the option if needed later under preferences). Give the Free version a try! I did and I love it, now I have the Pro version!"

By Nathan Lee

"I'm a photographer and a writer and have many duplicates, so I needed a really good program to help me find and delete the additional files that I keep making whenever I edit. I've been searching for a good duplicate finder program that is not complicated, doesn't cost a fortune, and does what it's supposed to--this is it! I also had a program to clean my mac, and a separate memory freer program. This does both of those things efficiently, too. It also lets you choose what items to open at log-in and shows your disk usage so you don't have to hunt around in separate places. Five important features all in one easy to use program. You can't ask for more than that.

It has a very simple and easy to understand UI, which is important to me because I don't have the time to fumble around and figure out how to use something that should be simple. Other programs I've tried look pretty but that's about it. They've either been too complicated or didn't do what they were supposed to.

I am extremely happy with CleanGenius, and you can't beat the price. I highly recommend!"

By Cindy Carl

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion, 512 MB of RAM or more, 10 MB of available hard disk space.
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