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Question: Had my iMac for over a year now, and have been thinking, do I need to have a cleanup? When I had my PC I found it was best to 'spring clean' every so often to create space and remove stuff. Now I want to also do a ‘spring clean' for my iMac. Is any recommendation?

For most windows user, they used to clean up Windows junks to speed up system running. For Mac users running Mac OS X, they also need a professional Mac cleanup utility to clear out those junk files in order to keep their Mac running fast. Here, I would like introduce you a Mac cleaner software for your choice.

Optimize your Mac for its best performance, using EaseUS CleanGenius – the Award winning Mac cleaner software and take one click to fully optimize your Mac.

Download EaseUS CleanGenius.

EaseUS CleanGenius: The best Mac cleaner software for Mac system

Looking for Mac cleaner software for your Mac computer? There are many available cleaning utility tools in the market today and the outstanding one is EaseUS CleanGenius. What makes EaseUS CleanGenius as a recommended cleaner utility tool for Mac computers?

EaseUS CleanGenius as cleaning utility tool

Both of them can do Mac cleaning job and erase those junk like, system caches, user caches, system logs and so on

Both of them can keep an eye on free space and alarm you with a red alert when it is running slow.

Both of these two versions can eject mounted drive.

Do a Mac cleanup at a regular time is very necessary. Manual cleanup is the one that I won’t recommend you to do since junk files are located in different area and it is efforts-taking to find them all. Why not prepare yourself Mac cleaner to do this for. EaseUS CleanGenius won’t let you down.

Mac Cleaner Software - EaseUS CleanGenius

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