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In Windows, you will get a lot of applications that can be used to scan and remove unwanted junk files and folders that get deposited in the system due to software installation and removal. These files consume system storage and memory resources and ultimately slow down its performance. Since I am Mac OS user, I also have the same doubt to find a good solution for Mac system as well as whole hard disk cleaning in order to reclaim more available space for your Mac. Therefore, I went to different review websites, Apple forums and blogs to find the right solutions for Mac users.  Thankfully I come across EaseUS CleanGenius - a junk file cleaner for Mac OS X.

MacCleaner features

EaseUS CleanGenius can monitor the free space of all drives & alarm you when the free space is running low. View free space of all external, networks, local drives, discs and disk images in single menu. The detailed information will be displayed in both graphical and digital manner in the menu. The intuitional free space information of system drive will be also indicated on the menu bar in real time. It will alarm you if any disk is out of space.

Detect every event of inserting and unmounting of external devices

EaseUS CleanGenius monitors your every event of inserting or ejecting the external storage device; it will notice you in the Tray Icon section each time of action. Drives information are updated in real time. All the drives are grouped and displayed in categories.

Safely eject any individual mounted drive or eject all by one click

You can safe eject your external, network, local drives, discs and disk images by clicking the Eject Button.

Any drive can be viewed in Finder by one click

Any drive, including external, network, local drives, and disk images can be opened in Finder. You can quick browse the files of the device just by one click.

Removable Device Monitor

The software will monitor your every event of inserting or ejecting the external storage device; it will notice you in the Tray Icon section each time. Drives information are updated in real time.

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Mac Cleanse Software - EaseUS CleanGenius

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